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10 Accessories That Will Make Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets Unique

If you're building your dream kitchen, you'll want to invest in custom kitchen cabinet accessories. These unique additions can make a difference in how you use your kitchen and its overall organization. Consider your wants and needs in the kitchen, then choose custom kitchen cabinet accessories that improve the aesthetic of your custom millwork kitchen and usability of the room. Here are 10 accessories to check out:

Make Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets Unique

Swiveling Baskets

Have you ever struggled with getting Tupperware or other containers stacked up in the cabinet? It can be like a game of Jenga, but it doesn't have to be. Swiveling baskets can be installed in any cabinet and provide structure for your less than orderly items.


Roll-Out Trays

Instead of squatting down and sorting through your shelves, consider a roll-out tray. They're great for organizing your pots and pans in an easy to access way.


Swing-Out Cabinet

Similar to a swivel basket, a swing-out cabinet has all of the shelves you'd expect in a cabinet, but allows it to come out beyond the cabinet. It's a good way to maximize your space and organize little things like spices and baking supplies that otherwise get lost in the back of the cabinet.


Door Shelf Trays

Make use of the cabinet door itself by installing door shelf trays. These trays allow you to put things like cleaning supplies and brushes on the door for easy access, without taking up precious cabinet space.


Built-in Paper Towel Holder

Keep things tidy and neat by installing a built-in paper towel holder under your cabinets. You'll be able to easily access your paper towels without starting at them on the counter.


Custom Partition for Cookie Sheets

Build in slots to fit your cookie sheets, pans, and other long and flat cookware. This way, you can pull out what you need instead of pulling out a stack of sheets and pans you don't need.


Hide Your Appliances

Use custom kitchen cabinet covers to keep your appliances hidden. This enhances the look and feel of your kitchen and is an impressive, unique feature in any home.


Food Baskets

Instead of a walk-in pantry, you can add food baskets within deep drawers for simple storage. It's a good way to keep things like potatoes, onions, avocados and other bulk produce tucked away.


Rolling Trash

Install a rolling cabinet base and tuck your trash away. In a deep cabinet, you can hide trash, recycling and compost containers. It's a good idea to plan this cabinet near a sink or the closest exit, so you can quickly dispose of and remove waste.


Rolling Trash

Hide your coats, bags, brooms, mops and other various things in a cabinet wall. Things are kept neat and out of sight.

There's no limit to how you can customize your kitchen. Think of how you'll use the space and then maximize it with organization.